GST -Tax rates you need to know about


GST( Goods and service tax) is one tax, one nation concept i.e. through out India tax will be same.  Government is planning to implement the GST( Goods and service tax) from July 1 2017.

As part of public awareness, government released the new tax rates for few the daily need products and below is the list of tax comparison before and after GST implementation.

Source: Government of India

Item Current Tax rate After GST
Salt 5% 0%
Palymra Jaggery 18% 0%
Hulled Cereal Grains 5% 0%
Bio-Gas 12% 5%
Ice and Snow 12% 5%
Cashew net in shell, Cashew net and Raisin 12% 5%
Jam, Jelly, Murabba, Chatney pickle and other preparation of vegetables, fruits, nuts and parts of plants 12%-18% 12%
Bari made pulses 18% 12%
Ketchup and sauces 18% 12%
Curry paste, Salads, Sandwiches, Pizza and Burgers 18% 12%

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